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Old 03-28-10, 08:33 PM   #1
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Default paces 3/28

Fished Paces from noon until 230. Where was everybody? Had one other fly fisherman under the 75 bridge but that was about all until I waded to the boat ramp.

The water was low and fairly clear. There was an incredible caddis storm around 1pm. There were at least a dozen snouts on the surface within a 100 ft stretch of water on the far side of the river (which I could not reach for my entry point) feeding voraciously until Mr Blue Heron decided to join the party. Interesting note that once all the heavy caddis clouds took to the air and were skittering everywhere on surface, the feeding activity stopped. I picked up after that burst so maybe they were eating the spent caddis?

Fishing was just so-so with most of the takes being fairly subtle and at the end of drift. I have also noticed that this year, many more fish seem to be hanging around the banks rather than in the middle (at least my experience the past two Sundays).

I had no takes on three different streamers, one take on a yellow wire soft hackle, two on the Y2K, and three on a fly I tied with a dark body, soft hackle and a copper wire wrapping. Nothing of notable size but fun to catch nonetheless.

rgds kc
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Old 03-28-10, 09:08 PM   #2
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Default caddis hatch

hey man...
my best guess: this is probably the first weekend/week the bugs have been out..give the fish a little bit of time to catch up, they probably don't quite know what all of those gazillion brown things are yet (and yes, I realize that sounds dumb, but you have to think in terms of them: they have never seen these things before so it takes a couple of hatches for them to figure out that the bugs are food). Did find a few risers myself there at paces in some slacker water, caught about 4-5ish with several misses all on a black EHC. Then caught A LOT more on a variety of nymphs. missed an amazing rainbow..16+inches, must have been one of brood fish the DNR periodically sticks in there. I bet the next 2 weeks will be STELLAR DRY FLY long as the release schedule does not get to crazy!

Oh yeah: the mayflies will start coming off as well leading to even more amazing DRY FLY FISHING!
this is why I love springtime on the HOOCH, DRY FLY FISHING!!!!


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Old 03-28-10, 09:33 PM   #3
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Default ...

Thanks for the report. Dry dropper with an emerger pattern about 3 feet off the bend is what I would have tried in this scenario. I am guessing the fish were keyed in on the emergers.

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