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Old 10-02-14, 11:53 PM   #21
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Pete, I usually throw that soft hackle as a nymph dropper back behind a bigger fly. and works really well in darker sky conditions due to all of that built in contrast. I haven't thrown it as an emerger but I bet you could swing it in the warmer months and catch fish.
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Old 10-08-14, 08:16 AM   #22
curt bird
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Default That stone fly...

I fish those wet and deep as a searching fly when I am in some trouble deciding what will work. Even on the D these bigger flys bring up fish though not at the hatchery.

This was a fun swap and what a cool and creative group of flys! Thanks so much everyone.

Sorry to be so long in replying even though the flys arrived last week. Been a week since I looked at NGTO. Just too much work!

Hope to see many of you in the next swap! Cheers, Curt.
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Old 10-08-14, 01:14 PM   #23
Da Da's Fishing
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Originally Posted by Primitivepete View Post
Have mercy! Ya'll can tie! Those are some sweet tying skills, folks.

A Hopps, I like that pattern. I always tend to go chunky on terrestrials, but I like that sleek look, and I bet the fish do, too.

Curt and fish those wet or dry? Looks like both would work. I bet that bugaloo caddis is deadly in the film with a little Frogs Fanny dressing on the CDC.

Da Da, that stimi is awesome. Looks like foam, very creative.

And the sexy waltz is a fish catcher for sure. Love the dubbing on that one.

Thanks everyone and to A Hopps for hosting us.
I posted the recipe in the fly tying section. It is foam, flip flop foam to be exact. I made one in orange too. Haven't fished it but I am looking forward to trying it out.

Fly Fisherman - Part Entomologist, Part Meteorologist, Part Ichthyologist, Part Hydrologist, All Liar.
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Old 10-09-14, 08:36 PM   #24
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I am seriously upset that I missed this. when is the next one?
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Old 10-19-14, 07:00 PM   #25
A Hopps
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Default suggestions for a future swap?

Hey y'all! Sorry for the splendidly late reply. I would love to host this swap again! The famous Steve Hudson does a bream swap and a bass swap around spring time so I don't want to cut into his tiers. Those are fantastic swaps and I highly recommend! I'd be open to suggestions on when a good time of year is. I could perhaps do it twice per year. I am thinking late winter (February?) and late summer (September like this year).

Thoughts on times of year?

Thanks guys for participating and for the compliments. There was not a dud in the bunch as all of the flies looked great. I've fished Da Da's Stimi and the Caddis and caught fish on both. I'm really looking forward to trying the sexy Waltz on some DH fish. Thanks everyone for putting in the time, effort, and creativity to make this swap a lot of fun. Maybe next time we'll fill out all 12 slots!
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