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Old 12-01-15, 06:57 AM   #1
Hall of Fame
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Canton,Ga.
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Default Mountain Lion

Found this.Thought it was interesting
Some fishermen see no fish and foolishly
believe that the river is empty.
Henry Van Dyke
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Old 12-01-15, 09:48 AM   #2
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Columbus, GA
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...that's a bog ole dang kitty cat...we saw one once @ 20 yrs back up on the West Fork Chattooga...Believe It...Or Not...

...scared the b-whoopee out of me...the kids thought it was real neat...of course, they slept well that night and I didn't...more difficult to dose off with a 45 Winchester as a bedfellow...

...they're out there...


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Old 12-01-15, 11:53 AM   #3
Brotherbear's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Charleston S.C.
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We had a black one hanging around my place in Blue Ridge 20+ years ago.
I saw it asleep in the fork of a massive Poplar tree one sunny fall afternoon.
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Release the potential
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Old 12-01-15, 01:16 PM   #4
buckman1's Avatar
Join Date: May 2014
Location: Habersham County
Posts: 972

Very cool! I've always heard they are around, but I've yet to see one.
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Old 12-01-15, 01:43 PM   #5
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fishinbub's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Jefferson, Ga
Posts: 5,194

On first glance I don't notice anything in the video to make me doubt the location and time stamp. I've never seen one personally, but there are a few friends I trust that have. Of course there are 100s of "sightings" that are ridiculous...but there are some people who's honesty you just don't question...
The first thing scripture tells us about man is that we're made in the image of God. The second thing it says is that man should have dominion over the fishes of the sea.

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Old 12-01-15, 02:17 PM   #6
Former Director, HOF
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Join Date: Dec 1998
Location: Newnan, GA
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I'm always a bit skeptical of these "sightings". There are way too many folks in the woods on a Saturday morning to not kill one. Couple that with the fact that you never see cougar "roadkill".

I have however, seen a black bear, a deer, two monkeys and a peacock in downtown Atlanta.

Who knows? Anything is possible.n
The Drifter

The contents of this message might be totally inaccurate, misguided or otherwise perverse. If you are stupid enough to follow any of the tips listed here and mess up yourself or your equipment, I am absolved of all responsibility. The information contained herein is based on my personal experience and by no means constitutes the correct way to do it. Your mileage may vary.

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Old 12-01-15, 02:40 PM   #7
Hall of Fame
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Canton,Ga.
Posts: 1,010

Yea you never know.I seen this on the Southeastern Flyfishing forum.
Better watch out on them blue line creeks....
Some fishermen see no fish and foolishly
believe that the river is empty.
Henry Van Dyke
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Old 12-01-15, 02:52 PM   #8
Buck Henry
Former NGTO President, Sith Lord, FKA Bhuk Henri
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Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Kennesaw & Cherry Log Mountain
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I certainly want to believe that they are out there. But I am kind of in Drifter's court and need a little more proof than a grainy trail cam video before dispelling all doubt. One or two of these puma videos seem to pop up every year, along with the obligatory black panther sighting. You would think that eventually one would fall prey to a mini-van bumper.
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Buck Henry
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Old 12-01-15, 03:27 PM   #9
Swamp Angel
Swamp Angel's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Posts: 6,755
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They're out there. Not sure about here in GA, but in Miss'ippi an' Louisiana I;ve heard 'em caterwallin' in the swamps an' bayous, as well as in the fields around Sumrall an' Hattiesburg, MS. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to know they were in GA as well.

Not sure how brave they are in GA, but I know that in Mississippi my dog, Sam, and my 9mm and SKS kept 'em from thinking they could come in and have all my momma ducks on my ponds.

Typically, they're estimated to be around 60 to 110 lbs in the south. Good sized, yes, but nothing that can't be handled with a well placed round if necessary. Only problem is that they're nocturnal.
If you have difficulty understanding the post above, read it out loud and it should make sense. This NGTO member is known for his poor hill-billy upbringing and his affinity for all things from Louisiana (particularly if it relates to LSU). It makes for a poor mix of accents and much difficulty in translation. He was doing well for so long, but now seems to have regressed.
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Old 12-01-15, 03:27 PM   #10
ChefKy's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Vinings
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I have seen one bobcat in my entire life growing up in Florida. Never a panther or puma type.
If fishing is religion, Fly Fishing is high church.

-Tom Brokaw-
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