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Old 11-19-16, 04:05 PM   #1
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Default East/West Pallisades

Hello all. First time posting here.

I've been fishing the Chattahoochee since I started fly fishing around a year or so ago. Had most of my luck at Jones Bridge, but have enjoyed fishing Paces Mill the last couple of weeks with the stocking and start of DH.

My wife and I hiked the East Palisades trail along the river and I'm seeing all of the shoals from Whitewater Creek up to what I'm assuming is Devil's Racecourse shoals for the first time. Looks like there would just HAVE to be fish in those areas, and a lot of places looked wadeable enough from the shore, but I haven't seen anyone fishing there. This surprises me with Paces Mill being so packed just downstream. My questions are, can you catch trout in these shoals now? Are they as wadeable as they appear? Will all of the stockers make their way into these areas later on during the DH period?

Thanks for any help.
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Old 11-19-16, 05:33 PM   #2
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I believe people from NGTO host a stocking at Whitewater Creek around Thanksgiving. Then, there should at least be some fish there...
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Old 11-19-16, 06:46 PM   #3
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What I've always been told (absolutely no proof though) is that 1/3 of the fish will move upstream, 1/3 will stay in the general are they are stocked and the remaining 1/3 move downstream.

Also if we have a good flush of water helps disperse them as well.

But to answer your question, yes trout will make it up there. How long? Could be now could be in a couple days or weeks.
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Old 11-19-16, 07:31 PM   #4
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I think a common technique is to carry a float tube or small pontoon up the trail from Paces to the area around the bridge....then float and fish back to the ramp.
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Old 11-19-16, 08:51 PM   #5
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I fished it last week. No luck but I wasn't expecting much since it hasn't been stocked yet. I mostly went for the hike and to scout it for after it is stocked. Very wadeable and looks like it would hold plenty of trout once they make their way there. I was by the channel below devils racecourse shoals. There looks to be some nice seams that are pretty easy to get at, at least since the water has been low. I'm hoping to check it out again in the upcoming weeks to get a little break from the crowds at Paces.
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Old 11-20-16, 07:52 AM   #6
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It's a great piece of water I feel, with the bonus of a bit more seclusion than Paces. A few years ago Sweetwater Brewing sponsored some of the stocking and they sprung for some for some really big fish and I hung some nice ones there that year in that stretch of water.
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Old 11-20-16, 10:24 AM   #7
Join Date: Feb 2015
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Thanks for the wisdom. I'll be heading back there with a rod after Thanksgiving and see how it goes. Such a pretty spot on the river, can't wait to get out in it.
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Old 11-20-16, 10:57 AM   #8
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There should be some fish moving downstream from Cochran Shoals too.
I've had luck there in the spring, but never tried it during early DH.
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Old 11-21-16, 10:42 AM   #9
Just Troutin Around
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Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
I think a common technique is to carry a float tube or small pontoon up the trail from Paces to the area around the bridge....then float and fish back to the ramp.
I like that Idea. Think I will try it out on Turkey day or the day after. it has been a little crowded around the ramp the last few weeks. got a few looks like
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chattahoochee, delayed harvest, paces

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