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Old 03-16-17, 02:42 PM   #1
BOD, Hall of Fame
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Default Call for Volunteers 2017 Spring Fling

NGTO is a volunteer organization and our Flings are dependent upon Volunteers from the ranks of our NGTO members to fill various roles and make these things happen.

Please look through the following areas and consider whether you may be able to offer up a little of your time at the Spring Fling to ensure it's a great time to be had by all of your fellow trout aficionados.

Saturday morning set-up:
Set-up usually begins around 8:00. We'll need a few folks who are not participating in the Drag Free Drift clinic to help get the tables and chairs set up prior to the official opening of the fling at 9:00AM. With a good crew, this takes about thirty minutes.

1. Windknot
2. Da Da's Fishing
3. splatek16
4. cristallo86

Food support crew:
This group will aid with the food preparations by setting up the serving tables prior to serving lunch to the masses. The heaviest workload occurs between 11:00 and noon, and it can get a bit frenzied and hectic. This is one that is of utmost importance since fed fishermen are happy fishermen.

1. Crawfish

Tear down and clean-up:
After the Fling has drawn to a close, we'll need a few hardy souls to help us collect and bag the trash, and fold the tables return them to their storage place or stack them for pick-up. A good team can have this done in about 45 minutes.

1. freddie4501

Of utmost importance since parked vehicles must not impede the flow of traffic into the hatchery or access to the service road or raceways where the trout are kept. This can be challenging when you consider that many of our fellow fishermen who will be attending are the same folks you cuss at when driving around Atlanta. Here's your chance to literally put 'em in their place.
With enough volunteers here, no one on this team should have to be on their feet for more than 30 minutes at a time.


Thanks for taking the time to consider where you may be able to donate some time to helping make this Spring Fling as successful as all those we've had in the past!
I am officially upgrading Gatorbyte from "fly in my ointment" to "thorn in my side". If he happens to elevate himself to "pain in my a$$" I'm gonna blame it on RScott.

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Old 03-16-17, 08:26 PM   #2
Director, Hall of Fame Member, Secretary
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I'm in for Morning Set-up.

Want to Help Ease DNR's Budget Woes? Buy a TU license Plate!
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Old 03-17-17, 09:06 AM   #3
Da Da's Fishing
Internet Technologies Officer, Director, Hall of Fame Member
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Put me on morning setup as well.

Fly Fisherman - Part Entomologist, Part Meteorologist, Part Ichthyologist, Part Hydrologist, All Liar.
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Old 03-17-17, 10:51 AM   #4
Join Date: Jul 2015
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Default Fling

Put me down for tear down and clean up

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Old 03-24-17, 08:58 AM   #5
Ex-President, Victim of the Cajun Rebellion
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Come on folks! The Fling is a week away and we will need a little more help, it won't take long and you will leave with a great feeling of supporting a bunch of flybums!

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Old 03-24-17, 09:32 AM   #6
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I can help with the food support.
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Old 03-24-17, 11:00 AM   #7
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 98

I can help with setting up.
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Old 03-24-17, 07:05 PM   #8
Good Idea Fairy Hunter
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Location: Atlanta, GA
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I will assist with setup.

I don't want to play traffic cop anymore, sorry Da Da Fishing. I got whacked by an accordion style bus directing traffic in front of the Finance Center on Ft Benjamin Harrsion, IN in 1983.

"Not every Soldier is a Joe"

You can support the NGTO Mission Statement and Help Ease DNR's Budget Woes. Buy a TU License Plate!
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