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Old 03-23-17, 08:11 AM   #1
Fern Valley Girl
NGTO Sponsor, Hall of Fame Member
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Default Celebration and Thank You

Fern Valley is Six

Yes, we recently celebrated our 6th birthday -- thanks NGTO for putting us on the Map. Sponsorship here is the best business decision we made. Who would have thought an online network would lead to so many new relationships. We value your friendships!

It's been an amazing ride and THIS craZy thread provided a glimpse of what we were getting into. (This message was originally added to the "coyote" post, but I'm repeating it here, knowing this response can get buried in that long and crazy thread. Check out the Coyote Beautiful thread for a good laugh.)

Thank you, Buck Henry for vetting us by fishing our water in your official capacity as President of NGTO. A special thanks goes to B Karma for being our first paying customer and providing encouragement, crazy stories, and laughter along the way. Thank you to the past and current BOD for commitment to sponsors and supporters.

Thank you especially to each of you who has visited Fern Valley and provided a word-of-mouth network online and streamside. And another thanks to those who haven't visit us, but have talked about us with such kind words. Yes, this happens!

A pay-to-fish venue isn't for everyone (and we realize that), but we enjoy our little niche while celebrating the wide range of opportunities for North Georgia fishing.

With appreciation and fondness,
Glad & Marty
Harold, Belle, and Meadow

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Old 03-23-17, 10:46 AM   #2
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Default Fern Valley

You folks are some great people!! Great location and great fish. Thanks for opening your place up to us fishermen.
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Old 03-23-17, 12:34 PM   #3
Buck Henry
Former NGTO President, Sith Lord, FKA Bhuk Henri
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Congrats on another successful year Glad! I always like to tell the story about how the NGTO / Fern Valley partnership came to be. We have had many sponsors over the years, and occasionally we get a sponsor requests from someone running a "trophy trout stream". The problem was that sometimes all that meant was someone owned a few feet of stream-side property and dumped a few big trout in the creek and opened up shop as a trophy stream. We got burned a few times by those type operations and were thus somewhat skeptical when a new one would pop up.

So being the Prez of this clip joint, one of my main jobs was managing sponsor relations. One day I get this email from some guy named "Marty" saying he had a trophy stream and wanted to become a sponsor. I replied like I always did with these requests that we would be happy to discuss but would need to see their operation first (at this point, Marty and Glad are probably thinking - "who is this a$$hole!). But Marty's response was quick and professional and said they would love for us to come up and pay them a visit and fish for a bit as their guest.

Well, it did not take long for BKarMa to volunteer to be my wing man on this trip so off to Clarksville we went! What we expected was another fly by night clip joint. What we got was a world class fly fishing experience hosted by two of the nicest people the good Lord ever put on this planet. I remember talking to Marty and Glad at the end of our day and saying to them "you are going to make plenty of money with this place!". That day began a long and beneficial relationship between NGTO and Fern Valley that is now 6 years young!

So, if you have experienced fishing at Fern Valley, you are missing out!

Disclaimer: the fact that Glad makes the best freakin banana pudding I have ever tasted had nothing to do with our decision to bring them on as a sponsor.
Message sent from your mom's bedroom during pillow talk

Buck Henry
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Former NGTO President
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Old 03-23-17, 04:43 PM   #4
B Kar Ma
Past Director, Hall of Fame Member
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Default Congratulations!

When Buck Henry said that we needed to go visit a potential sponsor in Clarksville and do a little fishing, I, too, was a little sceptical. But that vanished when we pulled into the driveway and were met by Marty and Glad. And what a surprise when we hit the water and started catching feisty 16 inch rainbows! As stated, so impressed was I that I was Fern Valley's first paying customer and led to a great friendship with two great hosts and friends. I've had a few BKARMA moments up there which has led to some fun times. Caught soooo many fish there one day that my arm actually hurt!

This is a great place that I always enjoy visiting. You all have it right!


B Kar Ma, Director of Aquatic Security
Those sure are puurrtty stars
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Old 03-30-17, 07:04 AM   #5
Ex-BOD, Hall Of Fame Member, Ex-Angler
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Congrats guys, the place is awesome and I echo the praise on Marty and Glad. Been fishing there for about 3 years and guiding for 2. The fishery has improved every year and now the browns are starting to get really big. See you all soon!
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