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Old 03-28-17, 11:07 PM   #1
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Default Small stream(s) slam

Tuesday is the day I get to spend a lot of time in water. This morning it was super foggy and the weather report didn't look great, I almost canned the day, but then decided what the heck else was I going to do? Work? Bahaha. I figured since I had a lot of time, basically all day, I might try to hit a few small streams I've been researching and that's exactly what I did. I hit two actual bluelines, ie unnamed creeks and a couple named streams.

The sunrise coming over the mountains while driving up a forest service road somewhere around 3100 feet above sea level certainly set the mood for a great day.

Stream one was super small and tight, tight quarters. Glad I've been working on that bow and arrow cast, because that's all you could get away with and only one at that. Because when I went to retrieve the line I was sure to get snagged, meaning into the water, spooking the fish. Either way, a cast, maybe two if I were lucky and I moved onto the next hole. This strategy helped me land five specks, here's one

The next stream produced only one fish, but it was a speck (little guy). I was off to a pretty good day.

I had eyeballed this one stream driving in; it just looked so fishy, but no seemingly apparent way to get to it without a ton of bushwhacking. Not that I'm opposed to it. But, before I ended up finding an access point I tried another of the streams on my research list, skunked. So I decided to backtrack to that access point. I landed this bow on my second or third cast

Ended up landing about a dozen bows from this stream in 30-45 minutes. All but one were about the size of this one; that oddball would have been a candidate in the smallest trout ever thread.

Having a great day and some time to spare before sunset I thought to myself this could be a great day to try for a small stream/wild fish grand slam (1 bow, 1 brook, and 1 brown). I'd recently gotten into a few wild browns so i decided to take the drive to that stream, leaving new under an hour to fish. Remembering how spooky the fish were previously, I made every attempt to stay concealed, to not get in the water, to keep my shadow off the water, or at least the fishable water, and I decided to use more line. My casts were about thirty to thirty five feet out; trying to keep my distance. First cast and bang a little 4-5 inch brown. I ended up with five on that stream. Sorry no pictures, thought I lost my phone; turned out it was wedged under my tire; if I hadn't seen it when I was packing it in to leave I'd have smashed it by backing over it. Work would not have been pleased.

Today was the end product of a lot of research and a ton of hiking, both upright and crouched under rodos on a stream. Fly of the day: royal wulff. 5 of the six specks took it, the other taking a red San Juan. All of the browns took the wulff. And, half the bows ate it, too. Must been a royal hatch, lol. J/K

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Old 03-29-17, 05:32 AM   #2
Big T
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Super cool stuff there, I bet you used some of the stuff from the clinic on those guys!

It almost makes me want to loose weight and get into super good shape and join you. But that would impact my wading ability and insulatory properties.

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Old 03-29-17, 07:04 AM   #3
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Join Date: Dec 2016
Location: Suwanee, GA
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Haha, for sure.
T, I've wondered how high level anglers like yourself, Gordon, Pat, and other comp guys would approach small stream water/fishing.

Personally, I was taught or read that you should treat a large stream/river like a collection of small streams; to break it up into smaller more manageable portions. So I just use that same strategy on small water, instead of having to break up the water it's already done for you. In Steve Hudson's bluelining 101 he goes over some great stuff, that book really was worth every penny, but someone should hold a small stream clinic. I bet it would be a hit.

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Old 03-29-17, 08:36 AM   #4
I_got_skunked's Avatar
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No pictures of browns, slam didn't happen.

Jk, sounds like an awesome day.

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Old 03-29-17, 11:46 AM   #5
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Wow! Great post! Hope I can get a few days off the road and away from the computer screen to head back north before the water warms up again.
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Old 03-29-17, 06:36 PM   #6
Native, formerly known as "Streamside Sam"
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Wow, congrats on another epic day chasing the wilds. And to do it without Humpy's, very impressive. #smallstreamjinja
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Old 03-29-17, 09:24 PM   #7
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Bravo! Thanks for the story. Good looking fish!
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