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Old 04-21-17, 06:05 AM   #41
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I know it wasn't dropped in N. Korea, but I'm fairly certain that Mad Dog and the Prez could make it happen...
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Old 04-21-17, 07:56 AM   #42
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...isn't he the guy from the Gang Nam Style video...??


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Old 04-21-17, 08:08 AM   #43
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Originally Posted by terry creech View Post
My trigger discipline has been really good on this one, dontcha think?
Proud of you Terry! After the picture thread, I think you have exhibited a discipline rarely seen on this board, and especially in the Off Topic forum.
Well Done!

Exodus 29:18
Then burn the entire ram on the altar. It is a burnt offering to the LORD, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to the LORD.

God loves BBQ!
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Old 04-21-17, 02:10 PM   #44
terry creech
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Finger was getting twitchy but then things veered back on course. I think folks of all political stripes can agree that Dear Leader needs...well, something.
AKA oldandtreacherous
"Good things come to those who wade." John 6:37
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Old 12-01-17, 09:55 AM   #45
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Originally Posted by DoubleRainbow View Post
Oh trust me I love making fun of the maniacal leader too
In my honest opinion he is truly as crazy as everyone thinks he is. As for the stupid part, I'd say that is a yes and no. He is stupid in the sense that he doesn't reform North Korea slowly and surely to a more free market system like China has to improve his economy. He is stupid in the sense that he still believes that most of the NK population has a very high opinion of his family dynasty. He is stupid to put all his money into a lacking military rather than food when there is an understanding that there really isn't a HUGE immediate threat to his country until now. Which brings me to his other stupidity, revamping the nuclear missile program instead of taking the food aid given to his country by Western powers on the condition he doesn't do any more nuclear testing.

He IS smart in the ways of controlling an entire population and his cabinet under an iron fist. He assassinates and murders countless people who have "wronged" or "disrespected" him to instill fear and discourage a rebellion. Examples include, executing a member of his cabinet with an anti aircraft gun and forcing everyone to watch it personally or by news broadcast, executing a general for sleeping during a personal briefing delivered by Kim, and even assassinating his own brother who has "embarrassed" him by traveling to other countries such as Japan, etc. (Also doesn't help that this brother was supposed to be the rightful heir to the throne). Throw this in with concentration camps for anyone who speaks out against him or tries to leave the country and you have the controlled NK we see today.

In terms of the end game, I say the safest option would be for the US, SK, or someone in NK to assassinate him and privately negotiate with someone in power to lead a rebellion beforehand to take control of the gov't in his absence. This is the only way to end the regime with the least amount of consequences and loss of lives. If the US can also catch him off guard with a well placed drone or airstrike to eliminate him and his cabinet this might also work, but with less certainty. Other than this, there are limited options without some country having to pay the price in a lot of blood.

The time is ticking where NK will somehow keep building its nuclear capabilities and actually be successful if testing continues, so I am guessing something big will happen in NK in the near future. With growing unpopularity of the US on the world stage (Syria, Afghanistan, etc.) who isn't to say Pakistan, Russia, or China wouldn't give NK the full procedure on how to build the bomb just so they can add another threat towards US and curb its global expansion?

He was trying to go to Disneyland.
I am the walrus.
-Vladimir Iliych Ulyanov.
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