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Old 11-04-17, 01:54 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by jfgros01 View Post
I agree with ya there. I know what sets a snake and a bear off. Even if they are potentially more dangerous. If I can anticipate the reaction Iím better prepared to handle the situation.

Sounds like the general consensus is to start carrying while fishing in the mountains...

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Most hoglegs ain't very useful on hogs.
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Old 11-05-17, 01:44 PM   #12
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Originally Posted by FlickNdip View Post
To bad you didn't have your pistol. Mmmmmmm bacon
A friend of mine actually went hog hunting with a 9mm. Lucky for him he never hit one. All it would do is **** off the pig.
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Old 11-11-17, 12:18 PM   #13
Killer Kyle
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I've killed 19 wild pigs while hunting public land here in the NE GA mtns. I've spent more time around them than most. I've observed them countless times, hunt them year round, have missed plenty, and have seen them and not pulled off shots more times than I care to recall.
Pigs are far, FAR less dangerous than a bear. Somehow this reputation perpetuates about them, but it is a complete falsity. Know where it comes from? Dog hunters. When dogs bay up a hog, bark and bawl in it's face, pitbulls are biting it's ears, men are grabbing it's legs and other men are trying to stab it to death......

What do you think that hog is going to do? It's going to fight for it's life just like a deer would, a dog would, a cow would, or your pet cat would. They cut dogs because they are cornered and in a life or death situation, and they have no other choice.

A hog will run from you faster than a deer will. You never have reason to be concerned around a pig.

And just FYI......all pigs, (including wild pigs) lives are centered around water. Water is at the locus of their existence. In the mtns, "bluelinines" are uppermost headwaters. Headwaters are where hogs sanctuary. Water + cover + seclusion. If you plan on bluelining for the rest of your life,then you're accepting that you'll be wandering in hog territory the rest of your life.
You never, ever have reason to worry about hogs.
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