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Old 11-18-17, 06:08 PM   #21
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Cool Guide Tipping

I always tip the guide if I pay a lot of money and don't even see a fish! But I usually do the tip when the guide is standing where he will fall in the river when I tip him over the log or rock ...........
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Old 11-18-17, 07:09 PM   #22
Fern Valley Girl
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Default Great Question

Originally Posted by ryc72 View Post
Not to hijack the thread but I’m curious about tipping in a certain situation. You are fishing private water and the rod fee for the water is $200. The guide fee is $150. So the total is $350 but the cost of labor is $150 and the cost of access is $200. Having a guide is optional. Do you tip off of the $350 or the $150? Or something in between? What’s the appropriate amount? $30? 50? 70?
Let me repeat what has already been said... "Guides appreciate anything they're given..." and this is true. But that being said, others have also pointed out the time and expense in preparing for trips. I've seen clients go through a ridiculous number of flies that get stuck in trees ~ and replacement of indicators, tippets, etc. Also consider wear-and-tear on waders & boots and rods. I saw a client step on a rod and break it the first time the rod was used.

As an owner/manager of a pay-to-fish venue, I have wrestled with your question often. There are guides and there are professional guides; I happen to want to latter in my water. It's tough to make a living, but I see these guys hustle to do just that because they're passionate about what they do and take great joy in seeing people learn and have a good time. It's about more than catching big fish and/or a lot of fish. It's about the whole experience ~ not just anyone can provide that combination.

I also have to balance the cost of guides with what the market will bear, so guides depend on gratuities to make it worthwhile. It seems to me that anglers ALWAYS have a better day with a guide on the water and they're worth every dime (in my opinion). Even highly skilled anglers benefit with someone changing flies, netting fish ~~~ and keeping that fly in the water is the only way to catch fish. Having said all of this, I still understand why some people prefer to fish without a guide ~~ there's nothing like the solitude of the water and having just your own voice to listen to... so we don't require guides for experienced anglers.

So back to the original question: I tend to think the gratuity should be based more on the total value of the trip OR somewhere in the middle (river fee and guide fee combined). Some outfitters only quote a total of those instead of breaking it down.

This is a difficult question and there are no easy answers. In the long run, I'd suggest doing what you think is the "right" thing. I tend to err on the side of generosity.

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Old 11-18-17, 10:47 PM   #23
Daddy Phillips
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Default Tips

Tip your guide 15-20%. Ask alot of question. Learn as much as you canó most of all have fun. Call the guide and ask what to bring. One thing most guides like is to ask if you should remove studs from boots if you plan to wear waders. Protect their boat.
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Old 11-20-17, 06:07 AM   #24
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Default tipping your guide

My personal policy is to start with a $100 tip for a guided float trip and work up if the guide went above and beyond.

as for tipping in restaurants...i start at 100% tip and work down if the server is a peckerhead, rude, inattentive, disrespectful, smart-a$$, or has an attitude problem.
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Old 11-21-17, 12:43 PM   #25
The Snag Whisperer
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Originally Posted by slanham View Post
i start at 100% tip and work down
I can tip that way at the Waffle House, but thats about it...
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Old 11-22-17, 09:27 AM   #26
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Thanks for all the responses! Funny story, there was heavy rain on Saturday night, and the river (which turns out to be Noontootla Creek) was blown out. So we didn't go on the guided trip.

I will be rescheduling and bringing my tip money.

Instead, my buddy and I went to the Tocoa DH and had a blast! Caught a bunch of bows and a few Brooks. Most of mine came on large hares ears and a pt with a purple bead, and my buddy caught them on an olive bugger. I hooked into one that was 20+", but he spit my fly before I could get him. Oh well, next time.
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