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Old 12-02-17, 08:03 PM   #1
Red Menace
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Default Orange is the new Brown

Its was a rough day out. Started out throwing streamers. Switched up about half a dozen times over the next hour with no action. Then decided to relocate. A nice creek mouth produced a couple rainbows, but nothing to out of the ordinary. The rainbows are really starting to get silvery. Landed a baby brown on a minnow and lost a few more.

There where boaters out and a few folks crampin my style so I decided to swith out to the Euro leader. A few staples didn't produce but then I spotted this orange collared walts CHHAARRRLLLESSS >_< gave me in the summer. I thought why not its bright out and the water is not completely nasty. A few more missed baby browns, then I finally hooked into something decent.

The past few times I'd been out, I'd been losing browns right at the net....I was determined not to let it happen again. Kept switching side pressure but whenever I tried to get her up towards the surface she'd make strong runs into the fast water. Alot of give and take over the next few minutes on 3wt, I thought let me hop down underneath and see if I can get her above my worked enough to where I was able to stretch my net hand out and land the fish.

A couple of guys where motoring their way up and where nice enough to take a grip and glen for me. Not a fatty but she was long. Stomach was a little loose probably had already dropped eggs. Marked it against my rod and was positive it was a solid 16". When I got home measured the mark but it was a quarter shy. Still my best brown this year.

Got water in my waders during the fight and went up to the parking lot to drain them and Erik finally made it. We fished for a few more hours with nothing to show. I unbuttoned a few more bows and baby browns all on the walts with orange bead (richard gave me) or collar...nothing else seemed to get a sniff. We finally decided ain't no more fish in these waters and called it a day. Brutal day but very relieved I finally landed one.

Get out there and get em!
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And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers
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Old 12-02-17, 08:14 PM   #2
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Woodstock
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Good looking brown. Call it 16 1/2"
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Old 12-02-17, 08:18 PM   #3
Join Date: Mar 2013
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Nice fish!
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Old 12-02-17, 09:12 PM   #4
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Dang thatís a good looking brown. Nice catch! Ha great pose, too. Good form.
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Old 12-02-17, 09:27 PM   #5
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Join Date: Feb 2015
Location: Stone Mountain Georgia
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Nice one man, wish I could have got out there with you guys today but I ended up being stuck around the house most of the day but glad you got that good un.
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Old 12-03-17, 07:25 AM   #6
Big T
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GU you have that grip an glen down man. Nice rice and better picture.

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Old 12-03-17, 08:01 AM   #7
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I can't believe you still have that walt's. Glad it worked for you because I was able to get out for 2 hrs in the morning and that Walt's didn't produce anything for me. Weirdly I got most of my bows on junk flies and a couple of them on a large stone fly.

Grip&Glenn. That's a good one. It's gonna go viral here. haha
Hi my name is Charles and I'm a fishaholic.

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Old 12-03-17, 09:16 AM   #8
Ex-President, Victim of the Cajun Rebellion
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That type of hare's ear has been my go to fly for most of the year, even at the dam where they are only supposed to eat midges and white WBs. Good fish Gout.....

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Old 12-03-17, 09:30 AM   #9
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Location: Westview, Atlanta, GA
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Make sure next #grip&glenn youíre wearing the same hat, shirt, grin, etc.
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