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Old 12-04-17, 10:04 AM   #11
Join Date: Apr 2017
Posts: 119

Sweet fish! Congrats.
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Old 12-04-17, 10:11 AM   #12
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Location: Johns Creek, GA
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OMG! Congrats man. That's quite a fish. Good work!
Hi my name is Charles and I'm a fishaholic.

Some days I'm the hook and some days I'm the fish.

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Old 12-04-17, 01:09 PM   #13
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Location: Marietta, GA
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Good fish man. Thats awesome you were able to stalk up on the action and try a few things, then having it connect.

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Old 12-04-17, 02:20 PM   #14
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: The GreATL!!!
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Nice fish Erik!!! Longest 5min of your life but well worth it in the end!!! Even has a nice kype jaw starting as well!!! Congrats!!!
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Old 12-04-17, 04:19 PM   #15
NGTO Hall of Fame
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Location: Chidspain Run, Delooth (Wells Fargo Call Center Interpretation)
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That fish has reached the "how the hell is that thing head so Big? And so wide?" Status.

After 20 or so inches their heads just seem to take up way more real estate.
"The streamside paths are the tramplings of the uninspired herd, follow them and your rewards will be commensurate."
- Sheridan Anderson

It's hunting, not fishing.

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Old 12-04-17, 05:56 PM   #16
erikclymore's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Loganville
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Originally Posted by GoutUnlimited View Post
Just for wearing that ridiculous boonie (not as bad as that homeless ironic woolie you wore yesterday), its safe to say that fish is at least 21".

I hope you took it home, otherwise all those other browns are going to reach a growth plateau Congrats man you deserve it, especially after that other one.

I want my leader back!
Heís visiting with the taxidermist at this very moment!
Iíll be honest, part of me was questioning every knot you tied in that thing, and another part of me was thanking god that I had retired that old leader the night before.

Seriously though, after losing a fish of a similar size a few months back I canít describe how good it felt to land this one. I hope I never forget that first loooooong run he took, the moment I knew that this was gonna be one heck of a fight!
I ended up fishing another hour or so. I hooked a few baby browns, but I just couldnít quit thinking about THAT fish. So, I packed it up and called it a day.

I bet Iíve pulled up the photos and the release video over 100 times since yesterday.
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Old 12-04-17, 09:45 PM   #17
orey10m's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2015
Posts: 323

Originally Posted by erikclymore View Post
I bet I’ve pulled up the photos and the release video over 100 times since yesterday.
Hahaha yesss - I do the same
Great fish man
_yero on instagram
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Old 12-04-17, 09:48 PM   #18
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Suwanee, GA
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Great fish and great report!
"Why me Lord what have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I've known" - Kris Kristofferson
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Old 12-05-17, 09:13 PM   #19
Trout "R"
NGTO Hall of Fame
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Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Really nice fish!!!!!!
"Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover
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Old 12-05-17, 09:19 PM   #20
WadingThroughLife's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 539

Hope you didnít actually bonk it. Thatíd be a shame. Way to get into the streamer game.

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