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Old 01-04-18, 08:38 PM   #1
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 703
Default Waders

Hey guys, getting back into fishing from too much time away and in the market for some new waders. Any recommendations for around $250 or so?

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Old 01-04-18, 08:56 PM   #2
Buck Henry
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My advice is to save a little bit more and get you some Simms G3's. Mine are over 10 years old now and still going strong.
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Buck Henry
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Old 01-04-18, 10:01 PM   #3
troutrookie's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2015
Posts: 178

Redington Sonic Pro, check they have good deals sometimes.
Good luck,
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Old 01-04-18, 10:37 PM   #4
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: N Ga.
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Find a pair that fits. I say this because the Simm's didn't fit me, short and fat. Reddington and Orvis are cut the same. Hodgeman have come a very long way.
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Old 01-04-18, 11:01 PM   #5
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Simms G3's and redingtons are both currently on sale due to newer model coming out. I'd go with either of those.
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Old 01-04-18, 11:07 PM   #6
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I could not be happier with my Redington sonic pros.
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Old 01-04-18, 11:15 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by narcodog View Post
Find a pair that fits. I say this because the Simm's didn't fit me, short and fat. Reddington and Orvis are cut the same. Hodgeman have come a very long way.
I had the same problem. I had a pair of Simms, and was afraid that I was going to rip the leg seams open trying to get them off. I ended up going with Cabelas. Their customer service actually got a pair of waders, measured the legs, calfs, and let me know what they found while I was still on the phone. Needless to say, I bought them.
If I had any way to buy local and try before you buy, I would. But unfortunately, there is no local in Dewy Rose....

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Old 01-05-18, 11:53 AM   #8
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I am going on 10 years with my Hodgemans. Do not feel that you need to spend $250 on waders.
I am very hard on them and yet to have the first leak.
For that kind of money get a pair of waist high & chest high and still have money left.
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Old 01-05-18, 11:55 AM   #9
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Default Try Them On

I always recommend trying on waders, boots and rods. The greatest catalog/website in the world does not match trying on the gear someplace where staff knows what they are talking about. At $250 you have a wide range to choose from! Figure out how much you are going to be fishing and then determine what you should spend. Quality is a big factor in performance, fit and wear. For myself, I look for L/R fitted neoprene feet, wide suspenders, and a fit allowing you to roll down the top on warm days keeping it secure with your wading belt. The ability to move comfortably while climbing over logs and rocks is very important. In the ads they show people wearing waders very fit and trim - if they showed someone in slightly baggy waders bent over double I would be more impressed! 8- )

I have a pair of Simms I recently returned to the factory due to leaking in both feet. Simms tech called me and wanted to know how long I had these waders. I still do not know exactly but it was something like 12 years. The Simms guy said that exceeded any warranty but he commented on what good shape they were in and did I use them much? I used them a lot - like on the order of 30 -40 times a year. But I hang them inside out to dry and then store them outside out with the straps on a big hanger and the feet slightly crumpled on the floor. They sent them back with new neoprene feet for about $40.
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Old 01-05-18, 01:45 PM   #10
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Buy Local if you can....Cabelas waders are lifetime guarantee now...whatever that is gonna mean in the future . They fit me good, get used a lot, no leaks...yet.
Boots-ORVIS are the most comfortable I've ever put on...
My 2 cents ....Will
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