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Old 07-26-08, 01:12 PM   #11
NGTO IT Support Team, Past CIO, Hall of Fame Member
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My Checks in the hands of USPS for a very worthy cause.
Nothing is impossible the impossible just takes a little longer. So take your time and enjoy the experience.
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Old 07-27-08, 11:21 AM   #12
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I love seeing things like this. It really fits in with our mission.

ad illudendum , et in sibilum

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TBoy to GB: "An education doesn't fix stupid, you're living proof of that "

"Your a Idiott" - RScott

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Old 07-27-08, 12:51 PM   #13
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I wrote the following the day back in December when I heard on NGTO that Tom had passed away. I wanted to add a picture of his but by the time I was able to figure out how several days had passed and it didn't seem appropriate to resurface the thread. I just figured another time would come to add my comments. Here they are:

Tom Landreth and NGTO

With 2225 total posts and 304 threads started I felt a need to say a bit more about Tom Landreth on NGTO.

Some folks are talkers. Some are do-ers. Tom was one of those folks that was both. Although a tremendous do-er, what made him so great for NGTO was that he also was a talker and took the time to come on this message board and inform many other folks as well. He was one of those trout fishermen that wanted to help others.

When I first started reading NGTO Tom was one of those folks whom I thought a special type that had a mature, reasonable, sincere, unselfish tone to his comments. The phrase “salt of the earth” comes to mind. When he stated a position on a subject I made very sure to read it thoroughly because it was usually well thought out. He could be ornery when riled but most self-assured folks can be and when he was riled it usually was justified. He knew what it was to communicate and he would try to get along with everybody.

On NGTO he was an advocate for the Rabun TU chapter and for north Georgia trout fishing in general. If something came up having to do with wildlife management areas, the national forests, streams or formal government notices, Tom was often THE MAN that often let the NGTO community know about it first. Common passions in his informal posts were Georgia Tech, the Chattooga River and the good ole USA.

Tom is one of many folks I have met purely because of NGTO. I was truly affected by his dedication and determination. Every year I knew he would put a plug in for the Rabun Rendezvous and the first time I believe I met him was at the 2001 Rendezvous. I think I’ve been back to every Rendezvous since. I found we shared the enjoyment of good bourbon. I believe Dickel was his favorite.

I’ve bought several of his art works including a couple of originals not because I wanted to own “art” but because he painted subjects that appealed to me. And he did it well. After his Ossabow trip I ended up picking this up. It's a photo of a painting so it doesn't do it justice.

Everybody wants to be famous. Most never will be. However, what everybody can do is have a positive effect on others. I don’t know if Tom Landreth would qualify as famous but I know he did affect many people positively.

He will be missed!


I'm not yet sure how much but I will be contributing to this fund.
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Old 07-27-08, 01:20 PM   #14
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Nice tribute, EG, and well-deserved.

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Old 07-31-08, 09:08 PM   #15
Past President, Advisory Board, Hall of Fame Member
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We have had 8 folks donate to the Fund so far. This does not include the Fly Tyers that are involved with the Memorial Fund Fly Swap. Come on all, lets get together and send in some more money. Remember, it does not have to be all adds up. Even if you did not know Tom this is a great way to make sure that one of our great resources will have the ability to be stocked every year. Please dig deep and donate.

Thanks to the following that have donated so far:

Clark Rodgers
Jack and Beth Tuttle
Jack and Jan Edwards
Jeff Fields
Joseph Sce
Charles and Doris Morris
Sam Alatar
David and Rebecca Hulsey
Steve and Renee Williams
George Schlaughenhoupt
Brent Langley

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Old 08-02-08, 07:40 AM   #16
Buck Henry
Former NGTO President, Sith Lord, FKA Bhuk Henri
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Hey gang,

I just received a nice note from the Rabun TU chapter thanking me for my donation to the Tom Landreth memorial fund . Included in the envelope was a postcard featuring one of Tom's beautiful paintings and also small plastic container with 3 trout flies! The note said that the postcard and flies were a small thank you for contributing and that the flies came from one of Tom's personal fly boxes. The note asked that I "carry one of Tom's flies with me when I visited the places that Tom loved". I thought that was a very cool thing for them to do and I will keep these flies always as a fond reminder of the great man that Tom was.

Remember that we will be running the NGTO matching fund program through the end of September, so there is still time to make a donation to the fund. As Grizzz said, just a couple of bucks from each of you will add up and really make a significant difference. Remember also that all money collected by the Rabun TU chapter for Tom's memorial fund goes towards paying for the annual helicopter backcountry stocking on the Chatooga river.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful consideration on contributing.

PS: if you would rather channel your donation through the Fly Raffle that Fishnbub is coordinating, there is stil plenty of time to do that as well. You could win a boat load of cool flies while supporting the fund at the same time! See the sticky thread in the fly tying forum:
Message sent from your mom's bedroom during pillow talk

Buck Henry
Simple Goat Herder
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Old 08-13-08, 08:47 PM   #17
NGTO IT Support Team, Past CIO, Hall of Fame Member
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Just wanted to say I also received a nice note from the Rabun TU chapter thanking me for my donation to the Tom Landreth memorial fund, 3 flies from Tom's personal collection and 2 post cards with one of Tom's beautiful water colors.

I think that was a real nice gesture from the the TU chapter.

I'll have to put the flies on the fishing hat(s) for good fishing mojo....or to just counter act GB's negative fishing mojo....
Nothing is impossible the impossible just takes a little longer. So take your time and enjoy the experience.
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Old 08-14-08, 04:26 AM   #18
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Check en route...
"What's his offense?"
"Groping for trouts in a peculiar river."
― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
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Old 08-19-08, 08:16 PM   #19
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Check is enroute, Keep them coming.
EG, Thanks for reposting your account of Tom, I enjoyed it when you wrote and it brought another smile to my face when I read it again.
Tight Lines
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Old 08-21-08, 10:09 PM   #20
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I have barely visited this site this past year or two, and just saw this. I am truly saddened. I met Tom at a Charlotte fly fishing Show and he was a true gentleman. He will be missed. BTW, I'm sending mine in too.
"Everybody knows the early bird gets the worm. So, it stands to reason that a fisherman should not let any grass grow under his bed, but should be up and casting his fly before the trout are full of worms and not interested in the higher order of insects."
- Robert Lee, "Guiding Elliott
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chattooga, landreth

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