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Old 07-29-12, 11:03 PM   #11
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Upon further examination, the Simms G3 Guide Waders and the Patagonia Rio Gallegos waders are evenly priced MSRP. The Patagonia waders look slick, which is expected from Patagonia, but I think they would be a safe bet as well. Check local fly shops and see what prices are on waders. You may be able to get either of these at a good price.

If you're not wanting to spend 450, I would stick with Simms otherwise. I looked at Patagonia's Rio Azul waders (240$) and they look like a glorified lightweight rain jacket with neoprene booties...
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Old 07-29-12, 11:49 PM   #12
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I have also heard bad things about the orvis waders. I think the patagonia and simms are priced relatively the same though. YOu can get patagonia's for 1/2 during their two annual sales. they have a real nice wool insulation in the booties.
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Old 07-31-12, 09:38 AM   #13
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Thanks for the advice everyone! I'll let you know what Dad and I decide on.
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Old 07-31-12, 10:41 AM   #14
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If could save up the bucks I would go Simms.

Next would be The Redington Sonics, just cause I have so many good things about them.

I had a pair of Patagonia Guide waders and they leaked after a year and I was not pleased with the customer service.

Last 3 years I have had a pair of Orvis Pro Guides. 3 yrs and they have been replaced twice with a new pair cause of crotch seam leaks. I stay with Orvis cause of the customer service I get from Shannon and the folks at Orvis. In the past I take in leaky waders to the store and walk out with new pair. This last time I had to pay $25-30 and they were sent off, but in a couple weeks I received a new pair in the mail. Fortunately I had a older pair of Hodgeman waders that had some slow seam leaks that was was able to use while the Orvis waders were out for repair. If that is Orvis's new replacement / repair policy I will be rethinking my next wader purchase.

The other thing to keep in mind, is the Orvis Sonic weld seam waders. Another that has gotten very good reviews. Shannon at Buckhead Orvis indicated that he has abused his to death and they are still holding up strong. Shannon is a salesman but not a used car salesman and I trust his advice. He also indicated that the next generation of the Pro Guides with Sonic Welds are in the testing phase.

Just my .02c
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Old 07-31-12, 01:17 PM   #15
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$...return policy...customer service...reputation

(based entirely upon my own personal experience)

Tight Lines!

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Old 08-01-12, 09:50 AM   #16
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SIMMS! There is no other choice in my book. They put the extra effort into making the best waders on the market in my opinion. The Gortex material is by far the best on the market. Its not about will my waders leak, it WHEN. ALL waders will leak over a period of time. That period of time with Simms just happens to be quite a bit longer. Look at the Simms Headwaters waders, and Simms G3s. Priced right for great quality.
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Old 08-01-12, 11:45 PM   #17
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Originally Posted by SlowStreamer View Post
Shannon at Buckhead Orvis indicated that he has abused his to death and they are still holding up strong. Shannon is a salesman but not a used car salesman and I trust his advice. He also indicated that the next generation of the Pro Guides with Sonic Welds are in the testing phase.

Just my .02c
Ha! Shannon is a TRIP!!!
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Old 08-03-12, 10:58 AM   #18
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If your anything more than a 2 - 3 times a year angler.....get the simms.

Someone already mentioned that all waders will leak eventually. But the difference is long term durability. Simms break in and break down period is just flat out longer than others. Great customer service too boot.

I can't talk bad about Orvis customer service as they have always taken care of me.....but the Simms waders should keep you away from any CSR for a long time.
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Old 08-06-12, 01:20 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by RobG4 View Post

Patagonia... suffers from being a fashion statement.
and Simms doesn't?

I like my Simms but got spoiled by Cloudveil waders. They slip on and off as though they have Teflon innards and have 4 waterproof zippered that didn't cost me $100.00 each for the priveledge of having them! I hope they never die!
I've had too many Orvis waders but only because their warranty was so good. That was years ago when all breathable waders were in their infancy and all breathable waders leaked... even Simms. After a while I just asked for my money back from Orvis and bought Simms. I have two pair of Simms that serve me well but when the 'G' series came out in the prices they asked I lost interest in Simms. Zippers don't cost $300.00 to put on any waders I would ever own. Oh, and Simms makes ladies clothes and expensive T-Shirts too, just like Orvis!
If my Cloudveils ever give up the ghost I think my next pair will be Patagonia. Patagonia has always had a good guarentee and definately knows how to make clothing that is built right for the specific uses intended. My original SST jacket was so well designed that Simms had to clone it! My Patagonia foul weather gear allowed me to cinch out any weather yet allowed for good peripheral vision and great freedom of movement, just like the SST jackets. I have no doubt at all that Patagonia has figured out by now what is needed to make a great pair of waders in every respect. I just have to watch for them to change the color of the lining or something like that to get them at 50% off!
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Old 08-06-12, 03:28 PM   #20
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We're all fans of our choices I guess. Shannon down sold me on the Sonic Seam travel waders saying he wanted me to have the best technology they offered. Have fished them two to three times a week for a year and the only leak was when I hooked a Bugger into the leg. I've fallen to my knees on gravel and scraped many a rock. Find the weight fine for our weather in GA and the fit and comfort are fine. I like the way they pack down to almost nothing. I also own Simms' products which I am happy to rave over (that is some wading staff - Shannon again, "The only thing that could be better about that staff is if it said Orvis on it." ) and there's probably some Patagonia around somewhere. All good recommendations based on considerations of sales, price and service. I just recommend going to a store and trying each of them on, happy is what works for you.
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