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Old 01-16-13, 06:47 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by 2fly View Post
Marc Thompson caught a 25"er on the fly on the tailwater earlier this year. They are in there.
He must have caught that at the Dam. RScott keeps telling me that's where all the big fish are.

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Old 01-16-13, 08:54 PM   #12
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In the spring of 2002(?), the first year of the DH I believe, I got a 24" Brown. It was a ancient looking fish, and totally kicked my butt, to the delight of a group of climbers on the rocks just above the 41 bridge. It hit a black conehead zuddler, took me into my backing, and finally was landed solo without a net from my float tube. I am sure it was a holdover fish and not a DH stocker, it just had the look and attitude of a beast that was master of its domain. I still consider it one of my best fish ever. No camera.

~18" Brown, caught on a olive conehead zuddler, 2003(?), upper tailwater. This was a fairly typical fish for me for a few years in the fall at a certain spot, I averaged 4-6 of these for about 3 years, with a few over 20". I rarely took a camera, and so only have this 1 pic. The spot has not fished the same since, although I did lose a good one there this past November.

One a buddy got at the same spot, 2004:

17" fish I got on my birthday in 2005, I had taken the day off to fish in my new boat, The Minnow. While I was fighting it I called Skibum and put it on speaker, and gave him a blow by blow of the rest of the fight. He hated me that day

15"er with an early eFly, 2009(?)

17"er, also with an early Efly

Skibum, with his career best Brown, 24"+, just before it came off. He still whines about this one



18", caught in the Morgan Falls penstock in June 2011

18"er, August 2011

I love the Hooch, and there are some great fish out there, but they are hard to come by.

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Old 01-16-13, 08:57 PM   #13
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This is the best I have come across. 21" back in 2010.. Should be 24" now

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Old 01-16-13, 08:58 PM   #14
Cliff Speed
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The variations of color and pattern on brown trout never cease to amaze me. What beautiful fish they are. It's fun seeing all these photos.
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Old 01-16-13, 09:09 PM   #15
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These are some beautiful fish! Thanks for sharing.
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Old 01-16-13, 11:13 PM   #16
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I caught a 15-18" range Brown once way back in the mid '80's in Helen, but that's not exactly the tailwater.
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Old 01-16-13, 11:29 PM   #17
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I'll tell it now since it's been a while, I saw the biggest wild trout I have ever seen in my life in the Hooch last summer. I had put in at the new McGinnis Ferry put in and paddled upstream. I got to the big rock and navigated above that set of rapids after throwing around my spinning rod and catching several fish out of the pool infront of the big rock.

Once above that rapid, I was scouting the deeper trough to the left side of the river and figuring out which jams and holes would be best to fish on my drift back down. I didn't take a fly rod because of not knowing that water yet so throwing a countdown rapala sounded like a fun change. As I saw lots of nice fish here and there a GIANT slowly swam downstream under my boat. Naturally, every fish is bigger when you aren't holding it in your hand. This girl was an easy 8-10lb brown. It never really looked uneasy and I got to watch her for a minute or two. The length wasn't what got me. It was the shoulders and girth I could see on this monster. It wasn't as long as that 28" they shocked but it looked a lot like that.

I'd love for someone to catch that fish, get some pics and put her back in there. I threw rapalas as long as I could to no avail. It was awsome just knowing that fish is there.....along with others. Man, we are really lucky to have a fishery like that this close to the city.
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Old 01-17-13, 05:08 AM   #18
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Here's the link EG mentioned:

Big 'un!

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Old 01-17-13, 06:52 AM   #19
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Mercy! Those are some fine looking specimens! I'd probably fall in the river if I hooked one of those lol
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Old 01-17-13, 10:31 AM   #20
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I catch a lot of big ones, almost 12" and up to 1/2 pound. IF is full of these monsters, i just dont have any pictures. From what I can tell, the best plan to find and catch one is to put a GPS tracker on Fishmonger......

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