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Welcome to NGTO!    Welcome to NGTO!
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N.G.T.O. Message Board FAQs:

Subject: 1. Purpose
This is the FAQ for the North Georgia Trout Online (NGTO) Message Board. It will attempt to lay a foundation for the understanding of trout fishing in Georgia, and the fishermen. The NGTO site was created by Mr. Aaron Sago and to him we are deeply indebted.

Many of the sections listed contain copies of posts made by the members of NGTO. This wealth of hands-on experience is not available via other media. In the interest of readability, I have decided to use the masculine pronoun "his" instead of the politically correct "his or hers." This should not be interpreted to mean that trout fishing is solely a male endeavor. Some of our better members are of the female persuasion.

Anyway, what do you expect on the NGTO Message Board?
This FAQ spiritually belongs to the regulars of NGTO. I will not allow it to be reprinted or otherwise distributed without the general consensus of the group, nor will I do so. It belongs to them.
For purposes of control I retain all legal rights to this document.

Subject: 2. Intro to the NGTO Message Board
You have stumbled into the premier online source for trout fishing information in the state of Georgia, and the Southeast. A place to ask or give advice, swap lies, and just hang out. Grab a cup-o-Joe, sit back, and meet some of the nicest and best trout anglers around.

If you are a person of delicate sensibilities you should probably find another Message Board. There will be plenty of lies, arguing, and some name-callin’. This is a trout angler’s hang out. You do not have to be a trout fishing enthusiast to enter, but an appreciation of the sport is recommended. PETA folks are not welcome nor are they tolerated.

Those of us who have been hanging here for a while have gotten into it with each other on different topics. We all argue back and forth and call each other names. Rather than state the obvious, I will just advise you to lurk for a month or two until you understand the flavor of the NGTO Message Board. If you are new to the group you might post an introduction describing yourself, your favorite brand of flyrod, how you sold your mother-in-law's car to get your first boat, that sort of thing.

As we are all good fisherman, an attack on a fellow member of N.G.T.O. will not be tolerated. Don't storm in tryin to show off your attitude right away, as you'll only get laughed at and harassed until you split. If you are gonna hang out here you will respect “everyone” that hangs out here (even if you don't agree with them or like them). Its OK to disagree or dislike but not OK to disrespect!

WRITING ALL IN CAPS is considered shouting. Putting *asterisks* before and after a word represents boldface, and is the preferred way to stress words. Likewise, _underscores_ can be used to represent underlining or italics. Also refer to the section on UBB coding on the NGTO Message Board.

Remember to respond as if you were sitting face-to-face with the person, and not as an anonymous propeller head a thousand miles away. I don’t know who said this but it pretty much describes the Message Board: “It is truly The Savage Jungle - the Freudian Id personified. A place where the benefits of semi-anonymity serve as a brutal millstone that democratically grinds the bloated egos of all participants to the lowest common denominator of civility. It should come as no surprise that the common grease of the millstone is understanding and respect for your fellow men (women, whatever). And here, as in face-to-face life, humility garners the greatest respect."

Zuke said it best, “….When making a post...prepare for critique and negative comment....and take the good with the bad. Unbridled freedom is rough sometimes.....wear a cup if you fear getting kicked in the 'nads.”

Subject: 3. WHAT IT MEANS…
Many folks use abbreviations when posting on the Message Board. Here is a compilation of some of the frequently used ones:

EHC -- Elk Hair Caddis
GRHE – Gold Ribbed Hairs Ear
WB – Wooley Booger (Note- It is correctly spelled b-o-o-g-e-r, not b-u-g-g-e-r despite what the Orvis catalog says!)
EMOTICON -- By turning your head sideways and a bit of imagination these are used to represent emotion with a picture of a face. These are used to convey emotion, as written communications are easily misunderstood. Study the UBB coding section on the NGTO site and you can actually submit “smiley faces” with your posts.
Wink ;-)
Sad or Angry :-(
Laughing :-D
Sticking tongue out :-P
Happy or "That's a joke" :-)
Innebriated %-)
FWIW -- For what it's worth
IMHO -- In my humble opinion
IMNSHO -- In my not so humble opinion
IOW -- In other words
IRL – in real life
NRN -- No Reply Necessary - used to stop endless back and forth emails
OTOH -- On the other hand
PITA -- Pain in the a _ _ .
POS -- Piece of s_ _ _ .
TIA -- Thanks in advance
YMMV -- Your Mileage May Vary. Do not expect exact results
BTW....by the way
BWO....blue wing olive
BHGRHE -Bead Head Hare's Ear (BH added to anything)
PT - Pheasant Tail nymph
GSMNP - Great Smokey Mountains Natioanl Park (I think)
BHWB-Bead head woolly bugger
RLD-Rubber Leg Dragon
NOS-Night Owl Special
PMD-Pale Morning Dun
FFing-Fly Fishing
DNR-Dept. of Natural Resources
USFS-U.S. Forest Service
C&R-Catch & Release
C&K-Catch & Keep
T.O.M.-The Ole Man
PMS-Something at BT's house
BHP Bead Head Prince
WDYT what do you think
NGTO not gonna tell others
BH barbed hooks
BLH barbless hooks
WT wild trout
ST stocked trout
I.F. Island ford
J.B. jones bridge
NPS-national park service
WIAI-while I'm at it
SYT-see you there
IRL -- In real life
YMMV -- Your mileage may vary
FOSMOTT---Full of S... most of the time!
TBH---Tungsten Bead Head
DBH---Double Bead Head (or if your a forester, tree diameter at breast height)
WB--Wooly Bugger
AFN--all for now and ML--more later
AT - Appalachain Trail
Toola- Noontoola creek
JJ's book ( not me ) Jimmy Jacob's Guide to N. GA trout fishing
BHNOS- bead head N.O.S.
FT- float tube
DLA- Drifter's lying again....
Owl- insomniac crazy guy
BPS - B****Pro Shop
FOS=figure of speech
TINAF=this is not a flame
Tis better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

The following have been quoted or have otherwise contributed (some spiritually):
and many others...

Subject 4. Handles
Many members post messages using there real names while others post under an alias. Many great authors use a pen name. This is strictly a matter of personal preference. Some folks like the handles, some don’t.

“I think a place for your "real" name is a good idea also but should probably be optional. I have met several of the NGTOers IRL and many have good reason to remain anonymous. Some may be one step ahead of the authorities, others may be behind on their child support payments, while others may worry that the IRS is looking in. For whatever the reason, I kinda like the "handles." In and of themselves they're rather trite, however they do give a hint of what the person is about.” – Drifter

“let me be the first to say that anyone who is one step ahead of authorities, I want nothing to do with and if they are behind on child support, they should be used for bait.” -- Michael

“Let me be the first to welcome you in your new incarnation. Having just undergone a handle change operation recently myself, I know how traumatic it can be.
We will expect nothing but scholarly posts from you henceforth.” – BeeDub posting about Hneal changing to the handle of “The Professor.”

Subject 5. “Ask the Experts” Forum

There’s a forum on the Message Board titled, “Ask the Experts.” Let me say this….. The contents of this forum might be totally inaccurate, misguided or otherwise perverse. If you are stupid enough to follow any of the tips listed here and mess up yourself or your equipment, everyone is absolved of all responsibility, except you. Now with that disclaimer out of the way, You can often find very helpful information in this forum. Remember …YMMV.

Subject 6. Flyfishing vs. Spin Fishing

This is often a hotly debated topic. Be careful when posting about the difference between Flyfishing vs. Spin Fishing. People can get upset! Remember to Respect!

“… flyfishing purity lasts only as long as the other guy is not catching fish with a spinning rod.” -- Hooker

"The thing is that some of us are "tetched" in the head about flyfishing. Once it gets a hold on you, it's very addictive. The down side is that most of the fishing community and the general public think we are a little bit whacky and bear watching. You know-grown people that sit a room alone at night lashing fur and feathers (that had a ridiculous cost) to hooks with little granny bobbins and going around exclaiming how beautiful these little bugs are. People that get out in their yard and flail the air with a long pole and get a sick little grin on their face when the line goes out just right. Folks that go to a ton of trouble and expense to catch fish and then throw them all back. And when they're not fishing, they're on their computers talking about it." –The Ole Man

"Fall from grace and catch some fish. I'll never understand why some anglers are so exclusive in their methods of fishing that they forego the pleasure of a tight line. Every technique has its time and place, and the angler that is consistently successful has to be able to adapt to the conditions." -- Hooker

Subject 7. Catch and Release
This is another hotly debated topic. Be careful when posting about Catch and Release. People can get upset! Remember to Respect!

"I don't C&R. I use corn and powerbait on my flyrod and flies and crankbaits on my spinning rod. And, I EAT trout. I eat big ones, little ones, brownies, brookies and rainbows."-Mr.T

"Nothing is better than hard work for beautiful fish, then cookin' 'em over an open fire and chuckin' 'em down with a cold brew!"-Rod

Subject 8. Live Bait versus Artificial Bait
This is often a hotly debated topic. Be careful when posting about Live Bait versus Artificial Bait. People can get upset! Remember to Respect!

"Let he who has never fished with bait cast the first can of Green Giant." –BT

"When you stumble over a dozen bait containers, empty corn cans and eagle claw snelled hook packages who would you point your finger?"-Woolly Bugger

"Real bait fishermen don't need no stinking container for their worms!"-WindKnot

"The Bubbas of today are the flyfishers of tomorrow!" – The Ole Man

"what's wrong with sitting in a lawn chair by the bridge?"-Loren

“…maybe you would feel better if you said " Na - na - na - na -nah " to us or called us " Bugger - heads " or Doo -do lips" -- Owl

Subject 9. Spam

Think of the NGTO Message Board as a stream. A great stream of information, history and lore about flyfishing. The world is welcome, encouraged to visit this stream if flyfishing is your avocation, your passion or even your passing interest.

The one thing that will foul this stream, this Message Board, is commercialism. Commercialism on a Message Board is the beginning of the end of the free and impartial exchange of knowledge, tips and information. It is poop in our stream.

There exists another stream, often confused with this one, that has built-in, NASDAQ traded, sewage treatment plants. You can poop in that stream, if you're able. That's fair and competitive, and that stream is appropriate for all one's pooping endeavors.

You can even come here and point people to that stream. Just don't poop here. And if you see someone pooping in our stream, tell them to stop. (Adapted from a post on ROFF Newsgroup with apologies...author unknown).

Subject 10. In Closing….
From time to time, I read certain posts here on the Message Board that are of special creative merit. These "witticisms" if you will, are of such quality, that they deserve a special place here at NGTO. (see Witticisms)

Subject 11. Disclaimer and legal stuff

I hope that none of you mind having your words included here, and that you enjoy this FAQ as much as I have enjoyed all of your wise and funny posts. If you do object, email skeeble@charter.net and I'll pull whatever sections requested that are yours.

Hope this helped....and again welcome to the N.G.T.O. Message Board – The Drifter

This document and its author are not affiliated with __(insert your favorite company here). Copyright (c) 1998, 1999, 2000 by Steve Keeble a.k.a The Drifter , all rights reserved.
This FAQ may not be distributed for financial gain nor included in commercial collections or compilations without express written permission from the author.

The Drifter <'(((><

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